Polarity is Orange Red and Slate Blue with Envy!

We are excited to announce today that Matt “Envy” Powers has joined Polarity!

No one man should have all Matt Powers.

Matt will spend most of his time creating video content like gameplay highlights, player profiles, and creative content. He will also help us run some broadcasts here and there.

His first piece of work was the December CFL Smackdown Melee Highlight video we released earlier this week. In case you missed it, you can check it out here.

Joining Polarity is satisfying because I have solely competed in this community for a while and now I can use all I’ve learned from going to tournaments to help our local scene. It’s also very exciting to be able to have a good outlet for my media creation ideas! – Envy

We’re excited to have Matt to help us grow our YouTube content and help spread the CFL Smash scenes with his work!

Follow him on twitter at zzzEnvy.

Welcome to the team!

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