He’s a Starman, Joining Us on Staff!

Today we are proud to announce that Ryan “Starman” Bielefeld has joined Polarity! He actually joined several months ago but it took until just recently for us to find the best way to for him to succeed on our team.

Conveniently he already owned that shirt!

Ryan has proven himself as both a dedicated and hardworking tournament organizer and a more than capable streamer with all the work he has done on the east coast of CFL. In that vein, he will be helping us on occasion with event planning and stream production.

“You people are lucky that I don’t have time to warm up now” – our most humble Starman

His main focus, however, will be to manage the Amateur Melee League, or AML. AML is very near and dear to the hearts of the up-and-coming SSBM players in CFL, and we fully believe that Ryan will make Season 4 and beyond even better for everyone in the league. With this staff assignment, expect to hear more from us very soon about AML Season 4!

Follow him on Twitter at RBgunner.

Welcome to the team Ryan!

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