Gonzo the Great Joins Polarity!

Polarity is proud to officially announce that Gonzo Velasquez has joined our team!

We’re “blessed” to have Gonzo on  staff!

If you’ve been to one of our Smash 4 weeklies lately, you’ll recognize that friendly face. Gonzo has been taking the local scene by storm, working as a TO at our events alongside veteran TO Alicia!

“I’m excited to be working as a part of Polarity. This organization is full of people passionate about their work, and some of the very best talent in Esports! I can’t wait to continue contributing to the best of my own ability.” – Gonzo

He’ll be helping us further develop CFL’s Esports scene on a local and national level by helping us run high-quality tournaments. He hopes to become a TO his peers and members of the community can be proud of – he’s certainly made us proud already!

Follow him on Twitter at @_Gonzago.

Welcome to the team Gonzo!

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