Don’t Lose Sight of ‘Em, Marbles Joins Polarity!

We are proud to announce that Eric “Marbles” Brumley is now a staff member for Polarity!

Thinking of all the ways he can grow the CFL Smash 64 scene!

Smash 64 has been Marbles #1 passion since 2013, and he wanted nothing more than to see the scene grow in CFL. Marbles has been working unofficially as a 64 TO for some time now, but it’s time he joins Polarity staff. He wishes to develop and grow Smash 64 more than anything else.

“Big thanks to Polarity for adding me to the team. They are honestly everything you can ask for in a grassroots organization and really have elevated the Smash scene here in CFL.” – Marbles

Marbles organizes Smash 64 events every Tuesday alongside Smash 4 at Campus Cards and Games.


Welcome to the team Eric!

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