Danimal Joins the Team!

Just look at all that PM love in his eyes.

We are pleased to announce that Dan “Danimal” Lewis is now a staff member for Polarity!

This past year, Polarity ran Outlawed as a small event just to keep PM alive, but now we think that CFL PM deserves someone who can devote more time to the series and to the community overall. Last month, at Outlawed 8, Danimal stepped up and ran the event himself, and since then, we’ve been talking to him about where Outlawed can go.

I’m very excited to be working with Polarity, and to begin organizing Project M tournaments in Central Florida. I would like to grow the Project M community in Central Florida, and am hoping to get consistent entrants at the events! – Danimal

Outlawed 9: Get Outlawed will happen on December 6th. Moving into 2018, Danimal will work to make the event series better for our players here in CFL, and grow the scene in the right direction.

Welcome to the team!

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  1. Danimal is the right man for the job. Super nice person and deeply cares about Project M and the community. I know he will do an amazing job.

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